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Elementary Classes

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American Sign Language (ASL)

A fun and engaging introduction to American Sign Language and d/Deaf culture.  Students use a variety of activities to learn the language in class and at home.  Daily practice helps build vocabulary and conversational skills. A mixed-aged class for 2nd-5th grade.

Prerequisites:  None
Expectations: Daily vocabulary practice, class participation
Loop Schedule:  Appropriate for 2-5th grade years, 2 year content loop
2020/2021:  Offered 1st Hour
Instructor:  Sonja Harrison

2020-2021:  TBD
2021-2022:  You Can Learn Sign Language! by Jackie Kramer & Tali Ovadia



Creating various projects using multiple art forms and periods.  Paint, sculpture, print, drawing, watercolor, oils, and more highlight this creative enrichment experience.  Students split into 2/3rd grade and 4/5th grade classes.

Prerequisites: None
Loop Schedule:  Appropriate for 2-5th grade years.  Art themes and projects run on a 3 year cycle. 

2nd/3rd grade offered 2nd Hour,

4th/5th grade offered 3rd Hour

Instructor:  Heather Sterenberg



This class works through the Bible in a chronological way, showing our students how everything is connected into one big story - a story centered on Christ and has a place for them!  As with all of our EPIC classes, we hope to encourage lots of hands-on and project-based learning opportunities. We also hope to expose our students to several important disciplines that will help them deepen their relationship with Jesus including prayer, journaling, and scripture memorization.  


Prerequisites: None
Loop Schedule:  Appropriate for 2-5th grade years.  Content runs on a 3 year cycle.
        2020/2021: Judges, prophets, priests, and kings...Judges-Malachi
        2021/2022: Christ has Come!...New Testament
        2022/2023: Where it all begins...Genesis-Joshua
2020/2021:  Offered 5th Hour
Instructor:  Sarah Ramey



This class gives students an opportunity to learn presentation and memorization skills.  Using body language, projection, and expression in recitations and plays, they are getting hands-on experience in theatrics.  A mixed aged class for 2nd-5th grade.


Prerequisites: None
Loop Schedule: New opportunities each year.
2020/2021:  Offered 4th Hour
Instructor:  Vickie St. John


Physical Education

An introduction to a wide variety of sports and an opportunity to practice them in a group environment.  Students learn teamwork and are encouraged in personal physical fitness. The class focuses on the virtues of perseverance, encouragement, cooperation, and humility.  Max enrollment of 20 students. Students split into 2/3rd grade and 4/5th grade classes.


Prerequisites:  None
Loop Schedule:  New sports and games offered each year.
2020/2021:  2nd/3rd grade offered 3rd Hour, 4th/5th grade offered 2nd Hour
Instructor:  Karen Miedema


Language Arts

Elementary Language Arts focuses on providing a gentle and engaging introduction to the basics of writing and grammar.  Literature inspired projects, creative writing, poetry, basic building blocks of sentences, and reassuring prompts will capture the imagination of even the most reluctant reader.  Inspired by Brave Writer philosophy combined with the structure of WriteShop Primary and other teacher-created materials, this class is designed to carry elementary students all the way through 2nd-5th grades.  An additional class for 5/6th grades encourages academically focused writing to prepare students for Middle School.


Lower Elementary Prerequisites:  Reading at a 1st grade level, writes name, basic literacy skills (phonemic awareness, inventive spelling, space between words, left to right formation), can dictate at least a 5 sentence story
Upper Elementary Prerequisites:  Reading at a 3rd grade level, can write independently (spelling and grammar aside), understands the concept of a sentence, stamina to write for 5-10 minutes, ability to tell a cohesive story.
5/6th Writing Prerequisites:  Reading on grade level, can write full sentences with ease, independently writing for 10+ minutes at a time, can use writing to express understanding of concepts, can logically order sentences to create a cohesive paragraph.

Loop Schedule:

  1. LEL (2nd/3rd)

    • WriteShop B over two years

    • Projects include friendly letter, journal writing, children’s literature components

    • Goal of writing clear and complete sentences

  2. UEL (4th/5th)

    • WriteShop D over two years

    • Projects include persuasive letter, fictional writing, journal entries, and literature response

    • Goal of writing clear and complete paragraph

  3. 5/6th Grade Writing

    • Academic-focused writing

    • Introduction to Grammar

    • Multiple Paragraph Writing

2020/2021:  LEL Offered 4th Hour, UEL Offered 5th Hour, 5th/6th Offered 1st Hour

Instructor: TBD



Students learn the basics of music theory, history, instruments, and more!  Hands-on experience with boomwhackers and other small classroom instruments along with singing bring practical application to the class.  Students have opportunities to perform for classmates and families multiple times a year.


Prerequisites: None
Loop Schedule:  Designed as a two year class for 2nd and 3rd grade
2020/2021:  Offered 1st Hour
Instructor:  Jennifer Barr

Creative Thoughts

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment.  Students use many different STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and creative problem solving to figure out a solution to their assigned problem. Teams can have a maximum of 7 “brains” so space is limited for this class.  We will offer one team of 4th and 5th graders. An additional team may be added if staffing and demand allows. Tuition is split in half due in September and the other half on October 26th.  Due to the nature of the small class size and the rules bound by the Odyssey of the Mind organization, the October payment is non-refundable.


Prerequisites:  Must be able to attend local and state competitions in February and March (usually one Saturday each).  Some extra practices leading up to competition. Dates TBA
Expectations:  There is a requirement for parent/family involvement in the form of volunteering, material prep, or judging on competition weekends. 
Loop Schedule: New teams and problems each year
2020/2021:  Offered 2nd Hour
Coaches:  Erin Pawloski and Joni Bras



Project-based and hands-on learning experiences both in the classroom and at home.  Cooperative creative discovery with God’s amazing world is the goal of these elementary science classes.  Engaging activities for home enhance the content being discovered during class time. Curriculum is based on Apologia Elementary textbooks and other teacher created materials.  Class is split into 2/3rd grade and 4/5th grade classes.


Lower Elementary (2/3rd) Prerequisites:  None
Upper Elementary (4/5th) Prerequisites:  It is recommended that students can read and write independently on grade level
Expectations:  Parent involvement is required to ensure proper comprehension and response to the content and project completion.
Loop Schedule:  Class can be taken every year with new themes offered on a rotating basis.  

  1. Chemistry and Physics (2020/2021)

  2. Human Anatomy (2021/2022)

  3. Astronomy and Earth Science (2022/2023)

  4. Ecology (Animal and Plant Studies) (2023/2024)

2020/2021:  LEL offered 5th Hour, UEL offered 4th Hour

Instructor: TBD



A fun and engaging introduction to the Spanish language and cultures.  Students learn through song, story, and play both in class and at home.  Daily practice helps build vocabulary and conversational skills in the language.  A mixed aged class for 2nd-5th grade.


Prerequisites: None
Expectations: Daily vocabulary practice, class participation
Loop Schedule:  Appropriate for 2-5th grade years, review and new content introduced each year.
2020/2021:  Offered 1st Hour

Instructor: TBD

A Girl Looking at a Physics Model

S.T.E.M. Workshop

A true project-based workshop class inviting students to explore the areas of science, technology, and engineering.  Units may include proper scientific methods, hands-on experiments, applied technology to solve a problem, basic engineering, and more.  A broad overview and exposure of different STEM projects and experiences is the goal of this class. A mixed-aged class for 2nd-5th grade.


Prerequisites: Reading on level, ability to be self-directed in learning
Loop Schedule:  TBD- This is a new class for EPIC!
2020/2021:  Offered 3rd Hour

Instructor: TBD