About us

What is EPIc Academy?

Since its founding in 2015, EPIC Homeschool Academy has existed to Encourage Parents and Inspire Children in their homeschooling journeys.  EPIC meets on Mondays at Peace Church in Middleville, Michigan.  By offering a one-day-a-week experience, and a community of like-minded families, EPIC inspires students by providing experts who coach them in their studies.  And, EPIC equips and empowers parents to help their children achieve excellence in academics, faith, and service.  EPIC's foundation is built on five core values. 

EPIC's 5 Core Values




Students will participate in many hands-on experiments and projects in each of their classes. We believe that the very best learning happens when students are engaged in their learning for real, authentic purposes.



We provide interactive classes, family events, and service projects in order to give EPIC students and parents a sense of belonging. 



EPIC desires to be a place where children are encouraged to deepen their spiritual walk with Christ. We do this by teaching our content through a Biblical lens, and through weekly chapel services.



Quarterly service projects help our students live out their faith in tangible ways. EPIC serves both local and international ministries throughout the year.  Students are also encouraged to serve EPIC by helping with behind the scenes needs such as set up and tear down each week.


EPIC strives to build curiosity and wonder while preparing minds for whatever future lies ahead.  This is not an ancillary program, and most classes require an investment of time and effort throughout the week to complete homework.



While enrollment is for a full year, we have split tuition into two payments for your convenience. Half due on September 7th, 2021 and half due on January 10th, 2022.  One exception is Odyssey of the Mind which has its second payment due October 25th and is non-refundable.  


Tuition pricing for 2021-2022 is as follows:

  • The Kindergarten-1st Grade class will be $950 per child for the entire year.  P.E. is included with the enrichment class.

  • Each Elementary class will be $225 per child for the year.

  • Each Middle School and High School class will be $350 per child for the year, except Chemistry which is $375 because it is a two-hour class and includes a lab.

  • Study Hall will be $50 per class period for the year.  This new cost reflects cost needs to provide a safe and monitored area for our students while not in class.  Students who are not in class and not picked up from EPIC or with a parent must be enrolled in Study Hall.


Other costs and refunds

  • A $50 per child non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration.

  • Books and school supplies are NOT included in this cost. Some may be purchased through EPIC and charged to the parent account.  Curriculum fees will be published later in the summer and are due with 1st Semester's tuition.  

  • Enrollment is for an entire year of classes, with payment split into two halves.  If a class or classes need to be dropped during a semester, requests for refunds will follow this schedule:

    • Tuition can be transferred to an alternate class

    • 100% tuition cost refunded after Week 1 of the semester (students must withdraw by September 17 or January 14, and curriculum or supply fees are non-refundable)​

    • 50% refunded after Week 2 of the semester (students must withdraw by September 24 or January 21, and curriculum or supply fees are non-refundable)​

    • No refunds after Week 3 of the semester

  • Refunds are not given for missed classes due to absence, snow days, declared emergencies, or acts of God.  Class activities and homework will be provided in a virtual format to continue learning and meeting course objectives.

How Much does EPIC Cost?