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Thinking about homeschoolING?

Welcome to the world of homeschooling!  In these unique times,
we thought it would be helpful to answer a few FAQs about homeschooling
in Michigan and the transition from traditional school settings. 

*This is not legal or prescriptive advice.

How do I start homeschooling?

  • To withdraw a student who has been enrolled in a traditional school setting, send a letter of intent to homeschool to your district's superintendent.  You do not need to fill out any other paperwork or notify the school of curriculum choices or reasons why you are choosing to homeschool.

  • If your child has never attended school, you do not have to do anything!

  • Under the homeschool statute most parents operate under, no registration with the state is required.  No testing or reporting.  Parents are instructed to give a similar education in the various subject areas. 

  • The parent is the primary teacher.  They are responsible for the education and accountability of their child's learning.

  • Tutors and learning coaches can be hired to assist the parent in content area learning.

  • We strongly recommend joining HSLDA- the Homeschool Legal Defense Association for homeschool news, protection, and advocacy.

What are benefits to Homeschool?

Family First Atmosphere

  • The family unit spends more time together, learning from one another, and growing as one unit instead of separation of grades and age segregated activities.

  • Many families indicate their favorite parts of the day include family activities such as read-alouds (YES- all ages can be read aloud to!), science demonstrations, and siblings teaching one another!


  • Rhythms and schedules are decided by YOU.​

  • Work school around other priorities like visiting family, spouse work schedule, student activities, and more!


  • Student driven pace and content learning.

  • Help a child flourish in areas of unique giftedness​

  • Take more time on concepts needing more help and guidance

  • If something isn't working- you can change it!

Individualized Instruction

  • Increased chance of hitting desired outcomes in academics and life areas

  • Education form-fitted to each individual child

  • The ability to focus on areas of individual strengths and passions

  • Building independent learners​

How does a co-op like EPIC fit in?

  • EPIC is a program enabling parents to access community and mentor teachers to assist in some of the subject areas commonly found challenging at home, those benefiting from group experiences, or where a uniquely gifted expert can help guide learning in a specific subject.

  • Not all subjects outlined in the Michigan law regarding homeschool are offered at EPIC.  Those are done at the direction of the parent.

Example:  EPIC offers no math classes due to the unique nature of the subject requiring constant feedback for learning.  Families who may enjoy many other core and enrichment classes at EPIC choose their own math curriculum that suits the needs of their child.​

  • EPIC is not a school.  It is not under any licensing.  It operates independently as a non-profit organization ​and therefore has autonomy in most aspects typically associated with an educational program.

  • While not all homeschools look and act the same, EPIC attempts to bring together a community of families and students into a corporate learning environment.  Therefore, it is crucial that parents and children are "all in" on classes both in attendance and participation.

  • With core values beyond the academics, EPIC offers a unique opportunity for families to partner together in areas of service and discipleship as relationships grow with local and global organizations.

  • EPIC reminds homeschool families they are not alone.  Community, fellowship, support, advice, and friendships are all found  when families come together with a common goal and a common desire. 

Do I Have to teach my kid?

In a nutshell, yes.  The legal and general purpose of homeschooling is that the parental units of the family have taken over the driver's seat of their child's education.  By law, the parent is the responsible party- but there is help...


  • There are many curricula choices out there.  You do not have to choose the same publisher for every subject area.  You have the freedom to pick and choose what works best for you and your child.

  • Some curriculums are online.  Some are traditional textbook.  Some are workbook.  Some are based off of real books.  Some have clearly defined teacher's manuals with lists or even scripts.  Some are set up to encourage free exploration.  Some are free.  Some are hundreds of dollars.  It may take trial and error to find what works best for your child's learning style and your teaching style.

  • Always take a placement test!  Curriculum scope and sequence can vary so your child may be behind or ahead of the intended grade level for that publisher- and that is ok!

  • Keep in mind programs like are public school done online at home.  This is not homeschooling.  Hybrid programs are similar as parents have little autonomy of the content and pace of student learning.

Co-ops like EPIC

  • Equip and empower parents​

  • Help hold families accountable

  • Each one is unique in its culture, methodology, class offerings, and level of parental involvement

Private Tutors and Services​​

Educational Tools

  • Learning games​ and toys

  • Khan Academy, Xtra Math

  • Teachers Pay Teachers

  • Many resources including curriculum, supplies, and books can be found at The HSB Bookstore in Wyoming, MI (new at the HSB or used at their Second Mouse Finds section!).


Extracurricular programs​​

  • West Michigan Homeschool Fine Arts​- choir, band, orchestra

  • Homeschool Performing Arts- theatre

  • Homeschool sports teams

  • Dance lessons, club sports teams, play dates, field trips, and more!

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