High School

Art Courses



In MS/HS Art Class, we will explore different mediums and styles to create a wide variety of pieces, all "wall hanging worthy". Rather than giving step by step "how-tos", different techniques will be demonstrated and then space will be given for students to explore, so no two works will be alike! We also will examine various famous artists and art movements, both present and historical, so students also learn some basic art history.

Prerequisites: None
Grade Target: 6-12
Loop Schedule:  Offered every year with projects looping every 3 years
Credits: None
2020/2021:  Offered 1st Hour or 4th Hour.
Instructor:  Heather Sterenberg

Foreign Language Courses

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American Sign Language 1 (ASL)

ASL is a rich and complex language.  Recently declared as an official language and recognized across the United States as a foreign language, more and more high school teachers across the country are teaching ASL as an elective.  This class is designed to prepare individuals to successfully interact with ASL users. Lessons are structured around language needed for common-life situations, and examples are presented in the form of dialogue coupled with grammar and vocabulary instruction.  Information is also included about the culture and history of the Deaf community in the United States.


Prerequisites: None
Grade Target: 9-12
Loop Schedule: Every Year
Credits: 1 Foreign Language
2020/2021:  Offered 3rd Hour
Instructor:  Sonja Harrison
Curriculum:  Master ASL! Level 1

Currently, we do not offer a second year of ASL, but you can contact instructor Sonja Harrison at terpharrison@gmail.com for private tutoring.


High School Spanish

This class will cover vocabulary and cultural studies, as well as a study of Spanish grammar and sentence structure. We will employ the use of songs, games, and other activities to solidify the lessons as well as to make learning fun!  Your student will learn how to properly compose Spanish sentences and engage in conversation. This class will include many activities to allow your child to practice speaking the Spanish that they are learning to read and write, and will help them grow in confidence as Spanish-speakers.

Prerequisites: None, Intro recommended
Grade Target: 9-12 (Middle Schoolers can request if taken Intro/equivalent)
Loop Schedule: Looping schedule for two years.  Offered every year.
Credits: 1 Foreign Language
2020/2021:  Offered 3rd Hour

Instructor:  Sarah Veenstra

Language Arts Courses


High School Research and Composition Writing

This academic writing class intends to prepare underclassmen for high school writing.  Building off of middle school writing, skills in proper formatting, research, citations, general composition, and persuasive writing will equip students for future high school course work.  This class is foundational to a student desiring to take creative writing or literature class as well as test prep.

Prerequisites:  Students should be reading on grade level and have the ability to communicate their understanding of learning through written and verbal facets.
Grade Target: 9-10, or upperclassmen who have not had an academic writing class
Loop Schedule:  Every Year
Credits: 1 English Language Arts
2020/2021:  Offered 1st and 3rd Hour
Instructor:  Jeannette Meyer

Curriculum:  The Elegant Essay Writing Lessons and Writing Research Papers, both by L. Myers, published by IEW.    Student books only. 


High School Literature

Using IEW’s Excellence in Literature courses, this class alternates between American and British literature sources.  Literary analysis skills learned and applied to great works through their history. In-depth study of these works springboard learning at home.  This advanced high school course requires research and writing skills and an advanced reading comprehension level.


Prerequisites:  Recommended- a high school academic writing class
Grade Target: 11-12
Loop Schedule:  Every Other Year

  1. American Literature (2020/2021, 2022/2023)

  2. British Literature (2021/2022, 2023/2024)

Credits: 1 English Language Arts
2020/2021:  Offered 4th Hour
Instructor:  Jeannette Meyer
Curriculum:  IEW Excellence in Literature and accompanying unabridged book list

Physical Education Courses


High School Physical Education and Health

Course objectives are that each student enjoys physical activity, improves their overall strength and conditioning, learns and practices fitness principles and plays and learns lifelong sports and team sports.  Each class will have these three components every week: fitness game, “health break”, and a chance to play either a traditional or new sport. Each student will also be asked to keep a simple, fitness journal that helps them keep track of how they are moving throughout the week.  This class will be high energy and the goal is to help everyone have fun and find success in the gym or on the field!

Prerequisites: None
Grade Target: 8-12
Loop Schedule:  Every Year, same health content
Credits: .5 Physical Education, .5 Health
2020/2021:  Offered 4th Hour
Instructor: Kelsey Nolle

Curriculum: Apologia Health and Nutrition

Science Courses

Biology Class

High School Biology

This course provides students with a broad overview of the many disciplines involved in the study of life.  It starts with a brief introduction to the definition of life and then discretely examines and explores each of the five biological kingdoms.  Students will participate in hands-on labs including animal dissections, microscopic life studies, and many chemical process labs. Students will complete a handful of projects throughout the year as well.


Prerequisites: Student should be reading on grade level and able to communicate learning in verbal and written ways.
Grade Target: 9-10
Loop Schedule: Every Year
Credits: 1 Science with Lab
2020/2021:  Offered 2nd Hour
Instructor:  Jeannette Meyer
Curriculum:  Apologia’s Exploring Creation through Biology, 3rd edition


High School Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the most fascinating studies of the orderly design of our perfect Creator! The chemistry course is based on regular laboratory investigations of matter, chemical reactions, and the role of energy in those reactions. Students will learn about the structure and properties of matter and its interactions. Laboratory experiments will be used to reinforce topics studied from the text.  This course requires an additional ½ hour lab time outside of the 1.5 hour class and is priced at a different rate due to lab time and materials required.


Prerequisites:  Algebra 1
Grade Target: 10-12
Loop Schedule: Every year
Credits: 1 Science with Lab
2020/2021:  Offered part of 1st and into 2nd Hour (must attend both- this is a 2 hour class)
Curriculum:  BJU Chemistry Student Text, 4th edition

Anatomical Model

High School Advanced Biology

This upperclassmen level class provides a college-prep study of the human body’s 11 major organ systems and their biology and physiology.  Lab experiments and dissection direct project-based learning and springboard content learning at home. This is an advanced level course with appropriate coinciding course work expectations.  *Due to low enrollment, this class has been cancelled for 2020-2021.


Prerequisites:  Biology, Chemistry
Grade Target: 11-12
Loop Schedule: Every other year (2022/2023)
Credits: 1 Science with Lab
Curriculum:  Apologia Advanced Biology, 2nd Edition

Students in a Science Class

High School Physics

A college prep level science class for upperclassmen.  Students will learn to appreciate how scientists have observed God’s world for the past 3,000 years.  Concepts include laws of motion, displacement, magnetism, waves, optics, Newton’s Laws, electricity, and science and math integration.

Prerequisites:  Algebra 1, Geometry
Grade Target: 11-12
Loop Schedule: Every other year (2021/2022, 2023/2024)
Credits: 1 Science with Lab
2020/2021:  Not offered this year, on schedule for 2021-2022 

Social Sciences

US Flag

Government and Economics

Explore the foundations and current events in the United States government from a Biblical worldview.  Students will learn about all levels of government from local, state, and federal. Economics will also be a component of this class.  Understanding the world of economics and how we can become better stewards of God's resources through the lens of current events will be presented.  Projects will help students apply this foundational knowledge to real-life scenarios.

Prerequisites: None
Grade Target:  10-12
Loop Schedule: TBD- this is a new class for EPIC!
Credits: 1 Social Science
2020/2021:  Offered 2nd Hour
Curriculum:  Exploring Government by Ray Notgrass, Exploring Economics by Ray Notgrass

Instructor: TBD

Theology and Apologetics


High School Theology and Apologetics

Alternating years of Christian theology (what do you believe) and apologetics (how to defend your beliefs).  In-depth study and discussion on basic faith truths make up the majority of this class. How these truths impact culture, how to have tactical conversations with those of other belief systems, and how the other belief systems are infiltrating society make up in-class and at-home projects and papers.


Prerequisites: It is recommended (but not required) that students take Theology before taking Apologetics
Grade Target:  10-12
Loop Schedule: Every Other Year

  1. Theology (2020/2021, 2022/2023)

  2. Apologetics (2021/2022, 2023/2024)

2020/2021:  Offered 1st Hour

Instructor:  TBD

Logic and Problem-solving

Creative Thoughts

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment.  Students use many different STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and creative problem solving to figure out a solution to their assigned problem. Teams can have a maximum of 7 “brains” so space is limited for this class.  Two teams of middle school and one team of high school students are planned. Tuition is paid half in September and the remaining by October 26th. Due to the nature of the small class size and the rules bound by the Odyssey of the Mind organization, the October payment is non-refundable.


Prerequisites:  Must be able to attend local and state competitions in February and March (usually one Saturday each).  Extra practices leading up to competition. Dates TBA
Expectations:  There is a requirement for parent/family involvement in the form of volunteering, material prep, or judging on competition weekends. 
Grade Target: 6-8, 9-12
Loop Schedule: New teams and problems each year
2020/2021:  4th Hour HS Team
Coaches:  Erin Pawloski and Joni Bras



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