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EPIC Registration

Enrollment at EPIC requires four steps:  preregistration, approval, preparation, and enrollment.  For classes that are currently full, or nearly full, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Preregistration will close on June 1st.  If spots are still available, we will reopen the preregistration form on August 1st. 

Steps for EPIC Enrollment 2024-2025.png

Registration for Current EPIC Families

Current families can preregister and enroll in classes on their praxi parent portals.

Kids with Backpacks

Registration for 

New EPIC Families

Preregistration for 2024-2025 for new or not currently enrolled families is now open.  If approved for enrollment, you will receive an email with the link to the class selection form.  To enroll in classes, all families must preregister and be accepted for admission.  Preregistration and approval does not guarantee enrollment in classes.

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