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Frequently Asked Questions

The videos below may answer many questions you have about homeschooling in Michigan and how EPIC works to partner with parents in their freedom to choose the educational path of their children.  Further EPIC frequently asked questions are answered below the videos.


How much do classes cost? What is the payment schedule?

2024-2025 Tuition prices are billed in two equal payments due in August and January.  They do not include any curriculum fees.

K/1- $1150 (block class 10:30-3:30)
Elementary- $270 each (1 hour classes)

Middle and High School- $420 each (1.5 hour classes)


Does my child have to do homework and projects?

Yes.  All coursework is required in order to meet our core value of Academic Excellence.  Elementary classes average 30 minutes per day of homework.  Middle and high school classes average 60 minutes per day. High school sciences may have additional due to lab work.


What if a class is not a good fit for my child?

Tuition can be applied to an alternate class for the student.  Tuition refunds of 50% are given before the second week of class.  We encourage parents to reach out to instructors to help put adaptations in place if there are any personal, emotional, or educational issues that need to be addressed​.


Do you require parent involvement?

Parents are expected to partner with the EPIC teachers to hold their children accountable for completing homework and projects.  Each EPIC family is also asked to volunteer for at least one service area OR elect the buy-out option. 


How will EPIC maintain a safe environment for my child?

Every class and study hall takes attendance.  The only unlocked entrance is monitored at all times. We have a study hall monitor to watch all students who aren't in class, we have procedures in place for all manner of inclement weather and threats, and all of our instructors undergo a background check and have been vetted by the EPIC Board.  Please note our Freedom to Learn Plan with regards to mitigations for illness and other events.


Do I have to be a Christian to attend EPIC?

Each family must sign an agreement to our Handbook and Statement of Faith.  EPIC teaches, disciples, and encourages a Christian worldview in all classes and extracurricular events.  All students who are in the building in the morning are also required to attend our Monday chapel.  While it is not required to have a personal relationship with Christ, we ask for respect and adherence to our model.  


Is there a dress code?

We ask parents to encourage student dress to reflect modesty and appropriate coverage.  Please see the personal presentation and respect section of our handbook.


Are personal technology devices allowed?

Students are allowed to have cell phones with them, but they are not to be taken out in class unless instructed to by the teacher.  To build community, we ask technology only be used for academic purposes during breaks, lunch, and study hall periods.


What technology is required for participation in EPIC classes?

All parents and older students will need a Praxi School Portal account to see homework, grades, and more.  An active email account must be on file to receive weekly EPIC announcements.  Students will need access to the internet and printer on a regular basis.  Some classes may require the use of google drive products, flip grid, and more to continue the learning throughout the week.


Are you a ministry of Caledonia CRC?

Caledonia CRC offers use of their facilities and resources to EPIC Academy as a "Community Partner" with common vision, mission, and values, but not as a direct ministry of their church. 

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