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EPIC Teachers act as coaches or mentors to homeschool families.  They provide engaging instruction and hands-on activities in-person on Mondays throughout the school year.  Using our homework portal software, they provide homework and projects for the students to complete throughout the week.  Equipping families with content area instruction, project-based learning experiences, expertise and guidance in coursework, and necessary feedback is part of the role of teacher at EPIC.  Our staff members are expected to incorporate our core values into the classroom including discipleship and service.  Honoring God through our exploration of each subject, providing ways to serve, and modeling Christian discipleship are part of what makes our teachers truly EPIC!

Below is a list of possible vacant positions.  If interested, please send your resume and cover letter to
High School Biology

1st Hour- 8:30-10:00a

High School Chemistry

Lab End of 1st Hour- 9:30-10:00a

Class 2nd Hour- 10:30-12:00p

High School Physics

3rd hour- 12:30-2:00pm

Middle & High School Physical Education

1st Hour- 8:30-10:00a

All teaching positions are 1099 subcontractor hires.  Payment is based on the number of per-teaching hours in class on Mondays.  While a teaching certificate is not required and unique experience or expertise in a content area is considered, it does help to have a teaching or homeschool education background.  The curriculum has been pre-determined for some classes, others have more flexibility.  For specific questions, please email the office at