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Classes and Costs

Information on the 2024-2025 classes offered at
EPIC Homeschool Academy is linked below.  Classes full are marked as a grey box or crossed off on the list form.  Classes with less than 3 spots remaining are italicized or red.

Kindergarten and 1st Grade

EPIC is proud to offer classes even for the littlest of homeschoolers!  This block of learning experiences meets from 10:30-3:30 on Mondays and includes time in the gym!

This theme-based class is specially formatted to meet the needs of our youngest learners.  We provide various hands-on and interactive learning experiences to build important skills and we cover important content through the use of unit studies.

Elementary Classes
2nd-5th Grade

Our goal at this age level is to differentiate our instruction to meet the needs of a wide range of learners.  We realize that students at this age may still be mastering handwriting, fine motor skills, and reading and comprehension.  Because of this, we offer a range of choices for homework in each class to challenge your child exactly where they're at. 

Elementary classes are a-la-carte and 60 minutes long with five class periods on Mondays.

Middle School
6th-8th Grade

Our Middle School students have several different class offering in a wide array of content areas.  Classes are 90 minutes long with four class periods throughout the EPIC day with a-la-carte selections.


We realize that there can be a wide range of ability levels across these grade levels.  Because of this, we do our best to offer a variety of homework choices to meet the needs of each student.  Students will participate in several hands-on activities, projects, and presentations throughout the year!

High School
9th-12th Grade

As EPIC continues to grow, we are expanding our High School level class offerings.  We offer many amazing classes geared to prepare our high school students for college-level work or allow them to finish the necessary credits to move on to the next phase of life.

High school classes are 90 minutes long with four class periods on Mondays. Classes are a-la-carte.


How Much does EPIC Cost? (2024-2025 Info)



Tuition is paid directly to EPIC Academy in equal payments in August and January.  Tuition prices do not include any curriculum or supply fees.  Classes 2nd-12th are a la carte.

Yearly Tuition pricing for 2024-2025 is as follows:

  • The Kindergarten-1st Grade is $1150 per child as a course block from 10:30-3:30 and includes a PE class.

  • Elementary classes (2nd-5th grade, 60 minutes) are $270 each.

  • Middle and High School classes (6th-12th, 90 minutes) are $420 each.

  • Study Hall is $50 per class period.  Students who are not in class or without a parent present must be enrolled in Study Hall. Limit 1 study hall period per student. K/1 students may not have an independent study hall.


Other costs and refunds

  • A $50 per child non-refundable registration fee is due at the time of registration.

  • Books and school supplies are NOT included in this cost. Some may be purchased through EPIC and charged to the parent account.  Curriculum fees will be published later in the summer and are due with 1st Semester's tuition.  

  • Enrollment is for an entire year of classes, with payment split into two halves.  If a class or classes need to be dropped during a semester, requests for refunds will follow this schedule:

    • Tuition can be transferred to an alternate class for the same child.

    • Tuition can be refunded at 50% until the second week of class.

  • Refunds are not given for missed classes due to absence, snow days, declared emergencies, or acts of God.  Class activities and homework will be provided in a virtual format to continue learning and meeting course objectives.

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