Middle School

Art Courses



In MS/HS Art Class, we will explore different mediums and styles to create a wide variety of pieces, all "wall hanging worthy". Rather than giving step by step "how-tos", different techniques will be demonstrated and then space will be given for students to explore, so no two works will be alike! We also will examine various famous artists and art movements, both present and historical, so students also learn some basic art history.

Prerequisites: None
Grade Target: 6-12
Loop Schedule:  Offered every year with projects looping every 3 years
Credits: None
2020/2021:  Offered 1st Hour or 4th Hour.
Instructor:  Heather Sterenberg

Foreign Language Courses

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Intro to American Sign Language (ASL)

ASL is a rich and complex language.  Recently declared as an official language and recognized across the United States as a foreign language, more and more high school teachers across the country are teaching ASL as an elective.  This class is designed to prepare individuals to successfully interact with ASL users. Lessons are structured around language needed for common-life situations, and examples are presented in the form of dialogue coupled with grammar and vocabulary instruction.  Information is also included about the culture and history of the Deaf community in the United States.

Prerequisites: None
Grade Target: 6-8
Loop Schedule: Offered every year.  New topics and vocabulary every two years:

  • Year A (2020-21, 2022-23): The Basics, Things, People, Foods & Eating, Descriptions, Numbers, Money, & Math, and Time, Days, & Seasons

  • Year B (2021-22, 2023-24): Places, Health & Survival, Recreation, Actions, Being & Feeling, Religion & Communication, Miscellaneous

2020/2021:  Offered 2nd Hour
Instructor:  Sonja Harrison
Curriculum:  We will be using the curriculum available through the website ASLDeafined. Each student in the middle school class will be registered to receive an account with ASLDeafined through EPIC Academy.  The cost is $12 per student for the year. Access to the webpage will be available through the following August.


Intro to Spanish

This class will cover vocabulary and cultural studies, as well as a study of Spanish grammar and sentence structure. We will employ the use of songs, games, and other activities to solidify the lessons as well as to make learning fun!  Your student will learn how to properly compose Spanish sentences and engage in conversation. This class will include many activities to allow your child to practice speaking the Spanish that they are learning to read and write, and will help them grow in confidence as Spanish-speakers.

Prerequisites: None
Grade Target: 6-8 (9th graders with no experience may benefit from Intro)
Loop Schedule: Every year with content spanning 2 years.  We recommend students take 1-2 years of Intro to Spanish before Spanish 1
2020/2021:  Offered 2nd Hour

Language Arts Courses


5/6th Grade Writing

This class focuses on providing a gentle and engaging introduction to the basics of writing and grammar for students who aren't quite ready for the rigors of Middle School writing.  Literature inspired projects, creative writing, poetry, basic building blocks of paragraphs, and reassuring prompts will capture the imagination of even the most reluctant writer.  Inspired by Brave Writer philosophy combined with the structure of WriteShop and other teacher-created materials, this class is designed to encourage 5/6th graders to create academically focused writing to prepare students for Middle School.

5/6th Writing Prerequisites:  Reading on grade level, can write full sentences with ease, independently writing for 10+ minutes at a time, can use writing to express understanding of concepts, can logically order sentences to create a cohesive paragraph.

5/6th Grade Writing:

  1. Academic-focused writing

  2. Introduction to Grammar

  3. Multiple Paragraph Writing

2020/2021:  LEL Offered 4th Hour, UEL Offered 5th Hour, 5th/6th Offered 1st Hour

Instructor: Katherine Swem


Middle School Writing

Students will learn to write beautifully by reading the works of wonderful authors, watching movies (it’s true!), and learning about literary elements and grammar principles by digging into fantastic books, poems, magazine articles, newspapers, scripture passages and more!  Together we will participate in fun exercises and games to play with words, learn basic grammar, and practice getting the amazing thoughts from head to paper. We will also work on several interest-led projects and activities. This is truly a unique writing class, intended to build confident writers!  Projects will be based on the WriteShop curriculum and BraveWriter philosophy.


Prerequisites:  Students should be reading on grade level and have the ability to communicate their understanding of learning through written and verbal facets.
Grade Target:  6-8
*IMPORTANT NOTE: 6th grade students who would benefit from a confidence building year on writing paragraphs or who may not be reading on grade level are encouraged to take the 5/6th grade writing class found in the elementary course descriptions
Loop Schedule:  Class can be taken every year with new assignments offered on a rotating basis.  

  1. WriteShop 1 (A) - Lessons 1-6

  2. WriteShop 1 (B) - Lessons 7-12

2020/2021:  Offered 2nd Hour
Curriculum: WriteShop 1

Instructor: Loraine Phillips


Middle School Literature and Speech

A cohesive, integrated class involving classic literature studies, writing responses, classroom discussion, and speeches based on concepts inspired by the literature of note.  Class participation is critical to this class. Elements of literature, author’s purpose, illustrated stories, poetry, non-fiction and exposure to other genres are goals for this class.  Novel study selections TBD.

Prerequisites:  Students should be reading on grade level and have the ability to communicate their understanding of learning through written and verbal facets.
Grade Target: 6-8
Loop Schedule:  2 year loop on literature selections
2020/2021:  Offered 4th Hour

Instructor:  Sonny Huisman

Science Courses


6th Grade Life Science

Students will explore the area of life science including water, macroinvertebrates, animal kingdoms, botany, cells, and human anatomy.  Hands-on experiences in the classroom springboard coursework and projects to be done at home. Field trip experiences enhance classroom learning.  This class is designed to help students transition from Elementary to Middle School level work.


Prerequisites: Students should be reading on grade level and have the ability to communicate their understanding of learning through written and verbal facets.
Grade Target: 6
Loop Schedule:  Offered every year
2020/2021:  Offered 2nd Hour
Instructor:  Karen De Boer
Curriculum: Christian School International Life Science (EPIC places all new orders, used sometimes available online)


7/8th Grade Science

Using engaging demonstrations and experiments in the classroom, students are able to use hands-on experiences to enhance their coursework and projects done at home.  Alternating years of physical and Earth science in 7/8th grade give Middle Schoolers a well-rounded preparation for future high school classes.


Prerequisites: Students should be reading on grade level and have the ability to communicate their understanding of learning through written and verbal facets.
Grade Target: 7-8
Loop Schedule:  Alternating years of Physical and Earth Science

  1. Physical Science (2020/2021, 2022/2023)

  2. Earth Science (2021/2022, 2023/2024)

2020/2021:  Offered 3rd and 4th Hour
Instructor:  Karen De Boer
Curriculum:  Christian School International Physical Science, 2nd edition (EPIC places all new orders, used sometimes available online)

Physical Education Courses


Middle School P.E.

Course objectives are that each student enjoys physical activity, improves their overall strength and conditioning, learns and practices fitness principles and plays and learns lifelong sports and team sports.  Geared towards enriching the middle schoolers with an active learning class.

Prerequisites: None
Grade Target: 6-8
Loop Schedule:.  Every Year
2020/2021:  Offered 1st Hour

Instructor: Kelsey Nolle

Spiritual disciplines


Middle School Christian Disiplines

A  general overview of the basic skills and doctrines that are an important part of living life as a Christ follower.  Topics will include: the character and attributes of God, how to study the Bible, the persons of the Trinity, worship, prayer and fasting, spiritual gifts and service in the body of Christ, discipleship, evangelism, baptism, and the Lord’s Supper.  The focus of this class will be hands-on learning to equip students to grow and mature in their faith. Discussion and written responses will also be an integral part of our class, especially as we explore the broad range of denominational similarities and differences on several of these topics.


Prerequisites: None
Grade Target:  6-8
Loop Schedule: TBD- this is a new class for EPIC
2020/2021:  Offered 3rd Hour
Instructor:  Sarah Ramey

Curriculum:  Dynamic Christian Living by Positive Action Bible Curriculum

Technology and Problem-solving


Middle School Technology

Students will learn the basics of computer literacy.  Navigating common programs such as Internet safety, google based products (docs, slides, sheets), basic graphic and web design are taught in a project based style.  This class will equip students to use technology safely and effectively in future school work. Unique needs of this class include an independent email address with full access and regular use of technology in and outside of the classroom.

Prerequisites: Waiver for under 13 accounts, personal laptop or tablet for use in class
Grade Target: 6-9
Loop Schedule:  Every Year
2020/2021:  Offered 1st Hour

Instructor: Loraine Phillips

Creative Thoughts

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment.  Students use many different STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and creative problem solving to figure out a solution to their assigned problem. Teams can have a maximum of 7 “brains” so space is limited for this class.  Two teams of middle school and one team of high school students are planned. Tuition is paid half in September and the remaining by October 26th. Due to the nature of the small class size and the rules bound by the Odyssey of the Mind organization, the October payment is non-refundable.


Prerequisites:  Must be able to attend local and state competitions in February and March (usually one Saturday each).  Extra practices leading up to competition. Dates TBA
Expectations:  There is a requirement for parent/family involvement in the form of volunteering, material prep, or judging on competition weekends. 
Grade Target: 6-8, 9-12
Loop Schedule: New teams and problems each year
2020/2021:  3rd Hour MS Team , 4th Hour MS Team, 4th Hour HS Team
Coaches:  Erin Pawloski and Joni Bras



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