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Registration for 2023-2024 is now closed.  Come back in March of 2024 for details on the next EPIC year!

Middle School

Brief course descriptions of Middle School classes for grades 6th-8th are listed below.  For detailed information, including expectations and prerequisites, please see the Course Description Handbook.

Yearly Tuition:  $420 per class

Some high school level classes such as American History and Credit-Based Art are available for ambitious 8th graders who are ready for the pace and workload of a high school course.  See the High School Classes page for details.

Art Courses


General Art (6-12th Grade)

In MS/HS Art Class, we will explore different mediums and styles to create a wide variety of pieces. Rather than giving step-by-step "how-tos", different techniques will be demonstrated and then space will be given for students to explore, so no two works will be alike!

Foreign Language Courses

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 2.11.32 PM.png

Middle School Intro to American Sign Language (ASL)

ASL is a rich and complex language. Declared as an official language and recognized across the United States as a foreign language, more and more high school teachers across the country are teaching ASL as an elective.  This class is designed to prepare individuals to successfully interact with ASL users. Lessons are structured around language needed for common life situations, and examples are presented in the form of dialogue coupled with grammar and vocabulary instruction.  Information is also included about the culture and history of the Deaf community in the United States.


Middle School Intro to Spanish

This class will include a variety of vocabulary and cultural studies as well as an introduction to Spanish grammar and sentence structure.  The students have fun learning the language with engaging activities and games to solidify the lessons.  Building confidence in speaking the language will be a primary objective. This class will have two projects, one each semester.

Language Arts Courses


6th/7th Grade Writing

Building on the basic skills learned at the upper elementary level, this class will help students review grammar and literary devices, perfect solid sentence and paragraph writing, and practice important independent brainstorming, organizing, summarizing, and editing skills.  Students will be exposed to good literary examples across genres.   Through these genres, students will develop a writing “voice” and descriptive, vivid language.  Students will also be introduced to very basic research skills, citing resources, and avoiding plagiarism.  Grammar is a critical component of this class as it is a skill needed to develop good writing.  This class is designed to help students prepare for the rigors of academic writing across content areas in middle school. Each semester will have a novel study and other resources to read and analyze.  Writing projects include opinion essay, poetry, and application in an Oregon Trail unit.

*Students may be enrolled in a middle school writing class and Literature & Speech, but the reading and writing load will be heavy.*


7th/8th Grade Writing

This class will prepare students for the rigors of academic writing and create a foundation upon which solid high school level writing can be built.  Students will be exposed to good literary examples to inspire their own writing.  Students will be taught skills necessary to build good sentences and paragraphs, organize, summarize, outline, research, cite sources and quotations, avoid plagiarism, and clearly communicate through multiple genres.  Grammar will be an important component as it is the tool for producing good writing.   Each semester will have a novel study and other resources to read and analyze.  Writing projects include persuasive essay, poetry, and a 1900’s Immigration study.  Students who may have confidence in fictional writing, but need growth in informational writing and research may want to consider the 7/8 Study Skills class instead.  Students should NOT be enrolled in 7/8 Writing and 7/8 Study Skills at the same time due to content overlap.  

*Students may be enrolled in a middle school writing class and Literature & Speech, but the reading and writing load will be heavy.*


7th/8th Study Skills

NEW CLASS!  Would your 7/8th grader benefit from help in independent study skills, research, informational essays, and academic skills for high school success?  Study Skills class will prepare your middle schooler for the rigor of high school classes by training in skills needed for success such as note-taking, research, study habits, stress management, time management, group work, learning styles, and more!  Students will explore these skills in practical and project-based ways.  Each semester will have a novel study and other resources to read and analyze.  Writing projects include flash fiction, poetry, and research for an informational essay with the “Million Dollar” unit.  This class will provide an English credit for the year but will not include extensive literary or grammar components.   Students should NOT take this class and a middle school writing class the same year due to overlapping concepts.  *The scope and sequence of this class requires a whole year of participation. Students will not be able to add this class later in the year.*


Middle School Literature and Speech

This unique class is discussion-based and encourages critical thinking as students:

  1. Read amazing literature - both novels and picture books - steeped in critical cultural themes (such as identity, racism, bullying, etc.). 

  2. Participate in class and family discussions that spark critical thinking and help students see cultural themes from many different perspectives.

  3. Create speeches based on questions sparked by the books, discussions, and suggested movies that are watched outside of class.

The goal of this class is to use the gifts of solid literature, “story”, and discussion to build connections, see different perspectives, and produce educated, biblical, and compassionate responses to tough cultural issues.  As we find the humanity in each story we read, we can come up with new perspectives on how to “Love God, and Love Others” in a culture full of differing opinions.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students may be enrolled in a middle school writing class and Literature & Speech, but the reading and writing load will be heavy.

Science Courses


6th & 7th Grade Science

Alternating years of Life and Earth Science are offered to these grade levels with two identical sections to choose from.  Hands-on experiences in the classroom serve as a springboard for coursework and projects that are done at home.  These classes are designed to help students transition from Elementary to Middle School level work which will include added coursework, increased homework, higher expectations, and tests. Starting 23/24, a new curriculum will be used for these courses.  The same textbook, plus additional materials, will be used in both courses.


Physical Science (8th/9th Grade)

Using engaging demonstrations and experiments in the classroom, students are able to use hands-on experiences to enhance their coursework and projects done at home.  This Physical Science is a preparatory high school class and can earn a student high school credit with extra work at home.  The pace and content of this class are at or above grade level.  Students can expect increased homework, and higher expectations in projects, and tests.  EPIC will provide the required textbook at a rental cost for families who do not have a copy.  This is the last year we will be using the CSI Science texts.  We will be switching over to Apologia's Physical Science text for the 2024/2025 school year.

Physical Education Courses


Middle School and High School P.E.

Course objectives are that each student enjoys physical activity, improves their overall strength and conditioning, learns and practices fitness principles and plays, and learns lifelong sports and team sports.  Geared with a focus on 60 minutes of sports and active play with 30 minutes of learning and study of nutrition, wellness, and health.  Some homework and projects are required.

Bible  Courses


Middle School Bible Survey (6th-8th)

In this class students will take a journey through all of Scripture, gaining an understanding of its big themes and overall organization.  Using Route 66 curriculum by Positive Action Bible, students will build the essential skills and knowledge to study God’s Word and grow in their relationship with the Lord.  In addition to an overview of each book of the Bible, students will also learn about biblical genres, literary and historical context, and Bible study methods.  This class is the same each year and is not designed to be repeated.

Woman with Bible

Christian Disciplines (8th-10th)

A general overview of the basic skills and doctrines that are an important part of living life as a Christ-follower.  Topics will include the character and attributes of God, Bible study skills, Christian disciplines, worship, and evangelism.  The focus of this class will be using hands-on learning to equip students to grow and mature in their faith.  Discussion and written responses will also be an integral part of our class, especially as we explore the broad range of denominational similarities and differences on several of these topics. This class is NOT a sequel to Middle School Bible Survey, however, students taking this class should have a solid foundation of biblical knowledge in order to get the most out of this class. Content discussed and the pacing of the class is designed for 8th graders or early high school students.

Technology and Problem-solving


Middle School Technology

Students will learn the basics of computer literacy.  The year will start with cloud-based program use such as Google Docs, Sheets, and basic computer and online literacy.  Students will move through studies in internet safety, online research, digital footprint, and basic graphic design.  There will also be green screen and basic coding lessons as students work on video technology.  This class will equip students to use technology safely and effectively in future school work.  Unique needs of this class include an independent email address with full access and regular use of technology in and outside of the classroom.

Creative Thoughts

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving competition that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment.  During class time at EPIC, students use many different STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) and creative problem-solving to figure out a solution to their assigned problem.  Teams can have a maximum of 7 “brains” so space is limited for this class. One team of middle school students and one team of high school students are planned.  

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Tuition is due in the FULL yearly amount on August 14.  Middle & High School Students MUST COMMIT to the competition and any rules that apply for participation. 

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