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4th and 5th Grade

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Sonja Harrison

American Sign Language

In this class, the students will be introduced to the Deaf community, it’s culture, and basic vocabulary in American Sign Language. We will play games, watch videos, learn signs, and have a fun time while we answer many questions, like how does someone who does not hear answer the phone and how do they know someone is at the door? Can someone learn how to read if they don’t sound out the words? What a great opportunity for us to learn about how God makes each of us different, yet we all contribute to our community.

Vickie St. John


Drama class will provide your kids an opportunity to learn and practice important stage skills including projection, facial expression, and movement.  Students will practice these skills through pantomime, memorization exercises, and by producing a skit that will be performed at our Spring Celebration of Classes.

Shelly Hendricks


This class will expose your child to a wide variety of common Spanish phrases, vocabulary words, and descriptions. These components will be taught through a range of learning methods such as songs, games, interactive classroom activities, skits and more. In addition to learning how to speak Spanish, your child will also learn about Spanish culture and the class will regularly highlight specific countries, holidays, and cultural characteristics.  Your child will learn and grow comfortable with the sound and feel of the Spanish language, which will be an essential building block for more advanced Spanish studies later in their education.

Joni Bras

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that engages students in their learning by allowing their knowledge and ideas to come to life in an exciting, productive environment.  Students use many different STEAM skills (science, technology, engineering, art and math) and creative problem solving to figure out a solution to their assigned problem.

*IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students must be available the third and fourth Saturdays in February (2020) for their initial tournament (the specific date is yet to be determined) and the third Saturday in March if their team advances to the State Finals.  

Jennifer Barr


Music class will provide an opportunity for your kids to sing, play instruments, move to music, listen, analyze, create, and perform.  

Sarah Ramey


EPIC is excited to offer a brand new class to our Elementary students - Bible!  We’re still in the process of planning for this class, but our goal is to work through the Bible in a chronological way, showing our students how everything is connected into one big story - a story that includes THEM!  As with all of our EPIC classes, we hope to encourage lots of hands-on and project-based learning opportunities. We also hope to expose our students to several important disciplines that will help them deepen their relationship with Jesus including prayer, journaling, and scripture memorization.  We are currently researching several different curricula for this class and hope to narrow it down soon.

Leila Schmidt

Language Arts 

In this class, students will learn to write beautifully by reading the works of wonderful authors, watching movies (it’s true!), and learning about literary elements and grammar principles by digging into fantastic books, poems, magazine articles, newspapers, scripture passages and more!  Together we will participate in fun exercises and games to play with words, learn basic grammar, and practice getting the amazing thoughts in our heads onto paper. We will also work on several interest-led projects and activities. Projects will be based on the WriteShop curriculum and BraveWriter philosophy.

Heather Sterenberg


Students will explore different mediums and styles to create a wide variety of pieces, all "wall hanging worthy". Rather than giving step by step "how tos", different techniques will be demonstrated and then space will be given for students to explore, so no two works will be alike! Students also often incorporate different children's books and have projects based on the illustrations so that they learn how to identify different mediums and techniques from books they read every day.

Karen Miedema


This course offers students a fun introduction to a wide variety of sports, and an opportunity to practice them in a group environment.  Kids will learn teamwork as they play soccer, football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, baseball, and many different group activities that encourage fitness.  Equally as important as caring for our physical health is learning to grow our spiritual heart for God. What better environment than the gym to focus on virtues including perseverance, encouragement, cooperation, and humility?  This will be a fun, interactive class where every student will be challenged and feel like a winner!

Karen DeBoer

Science - Ecosystems

Elementary students will dive into the world of Ecosystems for the 2019/20 school year.  We’re still determining which curriculum to use for this class, but what we CAN tell you is that it will be interactive, hands-on, project-based and will keep your children engaged in learning about God’s amazing creation!